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We’re Gigabyte, a team of software engineers who combine technology and industry experience to make a genuine difference to the property sector.

Why Gigabyte?

Bespoke technology solutions for the property management sector

We’ve been working in the property industry for over 14 years;

During that time, we've worked with housing associations, managing agents and asset management companies to build bespoke platforms that provide real business benefits. We’ve also used this time to hone our skills and truly speak your language - something that should be a given when building software for complex companies, but sadly isn’t always the case.

Before any valuable software can be delivered, our engineers need to understand your business;

That's why we specialise solely in solutions for the leasehold property industry. Our software engineers know their leases from their lease extensions and their ground rents from their service charges. We're not going to sit down with a block manager who mentions Section 21 and think they're talking about evicting subtenants.

Adding business value through bespoke software solutions;

We also don’t throw around technical terminology to try and sell you a product that you don’t need or solve a problem that you don’t have. We’ll sit down with your team and work together to understand your inherent, unique challenges and add business value through bespoke software solutions.


Meet our management team of property and tech experts


Creating clear and practical efficiencies for the property industry

We’re not turning our hand to the property industry. The property sector is where both our passion and our expertise lies.

We gain a deep insight into your domain;

So, you don’t have to worry about us providing software that forces you to work in a certain way or only solves half of your problems.

To create bespoke solutions;

. . .not a piece of off-the-shelf PropTech built by tech disruptors who don’t understand the industry.

That add genuine business value;

We form considered solutions that align with your processes - not ones that undermine your operations or upsell in areas you’re perfectly competent in.


Partners who make a proper difference

We’re a partner who can help you consolidate your IT systems, migrate and connect newer technologies that will make a proper difference to your day-to-day processes.

Our methods of discovery are meticulous and continuous;

That way, we can develop software that streamlines your operations and creates clear and practical efficiencies - both today, and as your business evolves.

From cost-savings to time-cutting or reducing manpower to free up your resources for the more profitable tasks, we’ll look at all aspects of your business to add long-term value.

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